Geotechnical Engineering

Design of an appropriate foundation depends in part, on the loading conditions imposed by the supported construction, and in part, on the particular geologic conditions that are present at each individual construction site. The transfer of the structural load causes stress increases in the underlying soil and rock above those previously existing due to material self weight and geologic history. Determination the soil strength and deformation characteristics, which are critical to the design of a successful foundation, is the task of the geotechnical engineer.

We offer a full scope of geotechnical engineering services for all aspects of project development, starting with conceptual design, through design development, construction, and post construction performance. Services include:


  • Design of footings and foundations
  • Foundation Alternatives
  • Pile Design
  • Subsurface Soil and Groundwater Investigations


  • Building Supports
  • Earth Support
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Adjacent to subway