Optimized Engineering Associates, Corp is a professional service corporation in the State of New Jersey which is licensed to offer services in NY, PA, CT, DE, SC, VT, MA, VA, and FL as well. Mr. Guy Lagomarsino, P.E. is the principal of the firm.  Under the leadership of the principal officer of the firm, there are design engineers, construction inspectors, and assistance engineers working at various locations in the surrounding areas.


OEA, Corp has proven capabilities to:

  • Mobilize construction personnel for long and short term construction inspection projects.
  • Provide construction personnel in various disciplines. We have in-house full-time construction personnel in various fields ranging from civil, architectural and structural engineering to HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical engineering.  We also have full-time Master CPM Scheduler, and other specialty construction professionals.
  • Manage large construction projects.  Our personnel have managed large construction projects with budgets over 30 million dollars.

Our staff is dedicated to providing our clients in both the public and private sectors with engineering services for the execution of definitive investigations and the design of and related field inspections.  In the geotechnical engineering for example, our staff have direct experience with the local geologic conditions, coupled with participation in a vast number of past projects provide us with the confidence and expertise to devise economical foundation solutions for new projects and the renovation of existing structures.

Our staff has dealt with all aspects of construction work including:

  • Safety
  • Municipal Budgeting
  • Pavement Management
  • Storm Water Management
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Water System Operations
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Municipal Land Use
  • Inspection of work in place
  • Record Keeping
  • Compliance with plans and specifications
  • Contractor compliance with EEO requirements
  • Community Relations
  • Coordination with other agencies (Police, Railroads, etc.)
  • Processing monthly estimates
  • Project close out
  • Processing change orders
  • Maintaining schedules
  • Conducting project meeting
  • Material approvals
  • Subcontracting approvals